Mooroolbark Street Art

A Public Artworks Collection to Revitalise Mooroolbark

Mooroolbark Street Art project 2019, poster.

Made especially for the township of Mooroolbark, this project is being produced by Mooroolbark Traders & Community Group in partnership with the Art Rangers Network. Possibilities include large-scale street art, trails of miniature artworks, playful gathering spaces and collaborative pavement art.

During Stage One, we invited the local community to share ideas regarding subject matter (eg. local endangered species, Mooroolbark stories or more abstract ideas of what Mooroolbark means to them), locations and preferred styles of artworks. Locals have been visiting us at Shop 5 in The Terrace Shopping Centre to have their say on the examples the community have collected thus far.

We are currently in Stage Two which has produced the Textile Artists in Residence space amongst many other exciting initiatives. More updates coming soon…

Careful planning and consultation with the community is vital to the success of the Mooroolbark Street Art Project therefore we would welcome your feedback and thoughts in the form below: