Stories of Mooroolbark

Stories of Mooroolbark exhibition callout - artwork by ChalkCircle
PDF of Mooroolbark Street Art Program Open Callout
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Open Call Out to Community and Professional/Practising Artists

Applications are now open for submissions to the Yarra Art Rangers’ exhibition, ‘Stories of Mooroolbark’: which is part of the Yarra Ranges Council Regional Exhibitions Program, held 11th of September – 28th of October 2019, in the Red Earth Gallery at Mooroolbark Community Centre.

Yarra Art Rangers are looking for original artworks responding to the theme of Stories of Mooroolbark; about our public and shared places and events, the spaces where we connect and create community together, the places where we work, play and dream together. This can include artworks about surrounding areas such as Chirnside Park, Nth Croydon, Kilsyth, Lilydale and Montrose, etc.

The Exhibition

Stories of Mooroolbark is a mixed-media, group exhibition which invites submissions from professional/practising artists and the broader community in three parts. Hosted by Yarra Art Rangers Network in connection to the Mooroolbark Street Art project, the exhibition will feature artworks and artefacts that respond to the theme of “Stories of Mooroolbark”, inspired by the region’s past, present and future.

We aim to bring together an eclectic and diverse collection of shared stories and community aspirations; factual accounts of days gone by, reflections and impressions of our past and present, and aspirations for the town’s future.

We invite you to research, reminisce and remember, we dare you to dream and reimagine the future; anything from fantastical future imaginings and outrageous, seemingly impossible dreams to more everyday simple and modest aspirations.

The exhibition is connected to the Mooroolbark Street Art and Mooroolbark Artist in Residence projects. Exhibited artworks will be documented and artists will be invited to have these included in a publicly accessible archive that will help to influence, inspire and inform future public artworks and community creations. Inclusion in the archive will be optional and Copyright respected. All artworks will remain the property of the Artist/s and Copyright will be arranged in negotiation with the Artist/s.

An Exhibition in Three Parts

Stories of Mooroolbark will include artworks by professional/practising artists, community and artefacts from our local history all relating to the theme, Stories of Mooroolbark.

Please refer to the three sections below to decide on the area to which you should apply.

1. Open/Community

  • 297 x 297mm, two-dimensional artworks (ie. painting, illustration, stencils, collage, etc.) tiled together to form a larger, community artwork.
  • This is open to all ages and abilities.
  • Closing date for Community Submission Registrations: midnight, Monday 19 August 2019.
  • Please Note: Artworks DO NOT have to be finished by this date. Instructions on artwork delivery dates will be confirmed

2. Professional/Practising Artists

  • A smaller number of works will be accepted from professional/practising artists, open to all size & media within gallery restrictions. Ie. Sculpture, Film, Sound and Live Performance.
  • Artists are encouraged to submit artworks that present and explore connections between performative, live art and visual art forms, may include a mix of live activations that compliment, provoke and expand the audiences’ experience of the visual art components and vice versa.
  • Closing date for Professional/Practising Artist Registrations: midnight, Monday 19 August 2019.
  • Please Note: Artworks DO NOT have to be finished by this date. Delivery of artworks: 9th Sept 2019. Further instructions TBA upon acceptance of your application.

3. Artefacts

A selection of artefacts relevant to Mooroolbark’s public and shared spaces will be curated for inclusion in the exhibition, in partnership with Yarra Ranges Regional Museum.

This category is generally by invitation only, however, if you think you have an item worth consideration please fill in the form here or get in touch with Mandy Pickett at or on 03 5962 4629.

Key Dates

  • Entries close: Midnight, Monday 19 Aug 2019
  • Community Entrants notified by Monday 26 Aug 2019
  • Professional/practising artists notified within 2 weeks of application
  • Delivery of community artworks: TBA
  • Delivery of professional/practising artists’ artworks 9th Sept 2019, times TBA
  • Opening night: 6 – 8pm Thursday, 12 Sept 2019
  • Exhibition dates: 11 Sept – 28 Oct 2019
  • Pick up of professional/practising & community artworks: 29 Oct 2019

About Yarra Art Rangers

The Yarra Art Rangers is a branch of the Art Rangers Network. Our goal is to support independent artists and arts collaborators within the Yarra River region to develop environmentally and economically sustainable and regenerative practices; enriching our community cultural economies, while producing and presenting work for local events.

Environmental Sustainability & Regenerative Design

Environmental sustainability and regenerative design are at the core of the Art Rangers Network’s values and as such we ask that all applicants make their best efforts towards ensuring their artworks are produced with this in mind.

Wherever practical and affordable, use techniques and creative practices that are environmentally sustainable and regenerative; use materials that are biodegradable, FSC certified, up-cycled, re-purposed or recycled, consider your energy use and carbon footprint.

If you have further questions please contact Mandy Pickett or on 03 5962 4629.

For information specific to the venue, please visit the Mooroolbark Community Centre at 125 Brice Ave, Mooroolbark or phone Council on 1300 368 333.